June 11th, 2015

Speaking at UTN: Computers Insecurity. Thinking like a Hacker.

Next Saturday 13 I will be speaking once again about Computers Security at Argentine National Technological University in Buenos Aires.


The National Technological University (Spanish: Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, UTN) is a country-wide national university in Argentina, and it’s considered among the top engineering schools in the country, so It is a great honour to be invited to speak there.

I will give an introduction to Computers Security, from a Hacker perspective, we will look at some basic security principles visiting real life examples of how they were broken and I will also talk about Hackers philosophy.

As part of the conference, named Libre Conference, other very interesting talks will take place about topics like Micro-services Architecture, NoSQL, Linux and WordPress

If you are on Buenos Aires at that time I hope to see you there! Sign-up here!